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Diplomat: Secondary Profession

Free Agent: Resistance Bonus
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Weapon Accuracy






points allocated

Perk CostAbilityType
Alien Artifact 8-Special
Ambidextrous 4DEXActive
Animal Friend 4WILConscious
Celebrity 3PERConscious
Concentration 3INTConscious
Danger Sense 4WILActive
Faith 5WILConscious
Filthy Rich 6PERConscious
Fists of Iron 2 5STRActive
Fortitude 4CONActive
Good Luck 3WILConscious
Great Looks 3PERActive
Heightened Ability 10 Active
Observant 3WILActive
Photo Memory 3INTConscious
Powerful Ally 4PERConscious
Psionic Awareness 3INTActive
Reflexes 4DEXActive
Reputation 3WILActive
Tough as Nails 4STRActive
Vigor 2 3 4CONActive
Willpower 4WILActive
The use of italic type for a perk's name denotes a perk that must be selected at the time of character creation if it is going to be purchased at all
Flaw +SPAbility
Alien Artifact 5-
Bad Luck 6WIL
Clueless 2 4 6INT
Clumsy 5DEX
Code of Honor 3WIL
Delicate 3STR
Dirt Poor 5PER
Forgetful 5INT
Fragile 3CON
Infamy 2 4 6PER
Oblivious 4WIL
Obsessed 2 4 6INT
Old Injury 2 4 6STR
Phobia 2 4 6WIL
Poor Looks 3PER
Powerful Enemy 2 4 6PER
Primitive 2 4 6INT
Slow 6DEX
Spineless 2 4 6WIL
Temper 2 4 6WIL

Melee Weapons | Ranged Weapons | Heavy Weapons
WeaponSkillAcc RangeTypeDamage (O/G/A)
Progress Level 0: Stone Age
Club Melee-bludgeon0 PersonalLI/Od4+1s/d4w/d4+1w
Dagger Melee-blade0 Personal*LI/Od4w/d4+1w/d4+2w
Quarterstaff Melee-bludgeon-1 PersonalLI/Od4+1s/d4+3s/d6w
Spear Melee-blade0 Personal*LI/Od4w/d4+2w/d4m
Unarmed Unarmed Attack0 PersonalLI/Od4s/d4+1s/d4+2s
Progress Level 1: Bronze/Iron Age
Gauntlet Unarmed Attack0 PersonalLI/Od4+1s/d4+2s/d4-1w
Hand ax Melee-blade0 Personal*LI/Od4+1w/d4+2w/d4+3w
Mace Melee-bludgeon0 PersonalLI/Od6+1s/d4+1w/d6+1w
Short sword Melee-blade0 PersonalLI/Od4w/d6w/d6+2w
Progress Level 2: Middle Ages
Broad sword Melee-blade0 PersonalLI/Od4+2w/d6+2w/d4m
Flail Melee-bludgeon+1 PersonalLI/Od6+2s/d4+2w/d6+2w
Great ax Melee-blade+1 PersonalLI/Od6+1w/d6+2w/d4+1m
Nunchaku Melee-bludgeon0 PersonalLI/Od6s/d6+2s/d8+3s
Polearm Melee-blade+1 PersonalLI/Od6+1w/d4+3w/d4+1m
Progress Level 3: Age of Reason
Cutlass Melee-blade+1 PersonalLI/Od4+1w/d6+1w/d6+3w
Katana Melee-blade-1 PersonalLI/Od4+2w/d6+2w/d4+1m
Rapier Melee-blade-1 PersonalLI/Od4w/d4+1w/d4+2w
Saber Melee-blade0 PersonalLI/Od4w/d4+2w/2d4+1w
Progress Level 4: Industrial Age
Bayonet Melee-blade+1 PersonalLI/Od4w/d4+2w/d4m
Progress Level 5: Information Age
Combat knife Melee-blade0 Personal*LI/Od4+1w/d4+2w/d4+3w
Stun baton Melee-powered0 PersonalEn/Od4+1s/d4+3s/d6+4s
Progress Level 6: Fusion Age
Chainsword Melee-powered+1 PersonalLI/Od8+1w/d8+2w/d4+1m
Pulse baton Melee-powered0 PersonalEn/Od8s/d4+2w/d6+2w
Progress Level 7: Gravity Age
Gravemace Melee-powered0 PersonalLI/Od8+2s/d6+2w/d8+2w
Power Cestus Unarmed-brawl0 PersonalLI/Od4+2s/d4w/d4+1w
Progress Level 8: Energy Age
Star sword Melee-powered0 PersonalEn/Gd6+1w/2d6w/d4+3m
Tri-staff Melee-powered-1 PersonalEn/Od8+2w/3d4+1w/d6m
* Weapon can be thrown using the Athletics-throw skill; see "Thrown Weapons," page 57.

Melee Weapons | Ranged Weapons | Heavy Weapons

Weapon SkillAccMd RangeTypeDamage (O/G/A)
Progress Level 0: Stone Age
Bow, short Prim-bow+1F 20/40/100LI/Od4w/d4+2w/d4+3w
Sling Prim-sling+1F 10/20/60LI/Od4s/d4+2s/d4w
Progress Level 1: Bronze/Iron Age
Javelin Athl-throw0F Per STRLI/Od4w/d4+1w/d4+2w
Progress Level 2: Middle Ages
Bow, long Prim-bow+1F 40/80/200LI/Od4+1w/d6+1w/d4m
Crossbow Prim-crossbow0F 50/100/250LI/Od4+2w/d6+2w/d4+1m
Shuriken Athl-throw0F Per STRLI/Od4s/d4w/d4+1w
Progress Level 3: Age of Reason
Musket, flintlock Prim-flintlock+2F 20/40/100HI/Od6+1w/d6+3w/d6+1m
Pistol, flintlock Prim-flintlock+2F 4/8/16HI/Od4+2w/d6+2w/d4+1m
Rifle, long Prim-flintlock+1F 30/60/150HI/Od6w/d6+2w/d6m
Progress Level 4: Industrial Age
Derringer Mod-pistol+1F 2/6/12HI/Od4-1w/d6w/d6+2w
Pistol, .32 rev. Mod-pistol+1F 4/8/30HI/Od4w/d6w/d4m
Pistol, .45 rev. Mod-pistol+1F 4/10/40HI/Od4+1w/d4+2w/d6m
Rifle, .30 bolt Mod-rifle0F 50/100/300HI/Od4+2w/d6+2w/d4+1m
Rifle, .44 lever Mod-rifle+1F 40/80/240HI/Od6w/d8+1w/d6m
Shotgun, 12 gauge Mod-rifle0F 6/12/30HI/Od4w/d6w/d4m
SMG, .45 cal Mod-SMG+2B/A 8/16/40HI/Od4+1w/d4+2w/d6m
Progress Level 5: Information Age
Pistol, .38 rev Mod-pistol0F 6/12/40HI/Od4w/d4+1w/d4m
Pistol, .44 magnum Mod-pistol0F 6/12/50HI/Od4+2w/d4+3w/d4+2m
Pistol, 9mm Mod-pistol0F 6/12/50HI/Od4+1w/d4+2w/d4m
Rifle, 7.62mm Mod-rifle0F 70/140/350HI/Od6+1w/2d4+1w/d4+1m
Rifle, assault Mod-rifle0F/B/A 60/120/300HI/Od4+2w/d6+3w/d4+1m
SMG, 9mm Mod-SMG+1B/A 10/20/80HI/Od4+1w/d4+2w/d4m
Progress Level 6: Fusion Age
Pistol, 9mm ch Mod-pistol0F 8/16/60HI/Od4+1w/d6+1w/d4m
Pistol, 9mm zero-g Mod-pistol0F 4/10/40HI/Od4+1w/d6+1w/d4m
Pistol, 11mm ch Mod-pistol0F 10/20/80HI/Od4+2w/d6+2w/d4+1m
Rifle, 11mm ch Mod-rifle0F/B/A 80/160/400HI/Od6+1w/d6+3w/d6+1m
Rifle, 11mm zero-g Mod-rifle0F 30/60/200HI/Od6+1w/d6+3w/d6+1m
Shotgun, autoflec Mod-SMG0F/B/A 10/20/40HI/Od4w/d6w/d4m
SMG, 9mm ch Mod-SMG+1B/A 20/40/100HI/Od4+1w/d6+1w/d4m
Progress Level 7: Gravity Age
Pistol, 15mm sabot Mod-pistol0F 10/20/100HI/O2d4w/2d4+1w/d4+3m
Pistol, laser Mod-pistol-1F 20/40/200En/Od4+1w/d6+1w/d4m
Pistol, mass Mod-pistol0F 2/6/12En/Gd6w/d6+2w/d6m
Pistol, stutter Mod-pistol0F 6/12/30LI/Od6+2s/d8+2s/d8+4s
Rifle, laser Mod-rifle-1F 100/400/1000En/Od6+1w/d6+3w/d4+1m
Rifle, mass Mod-rifle0F 4/12/30En/Gd6w/d8+1w/d6+1m
Rifle, quantum Mod-rifle0F/B/A 80/200/500En/Od4+3w/d6+4w/d6+1m
Rifle, render Mod-rifle0F 50/100/250En/Od6+1s/d6+1w/d4+1m
SMG, laser Mod-SMG0B/A 20/80/200En/Od6w/d6+2w/d4m
SMG, stutter Mod-SMG0B/A 10/20/80LI/Od6+2s/d8+2s/d8+4s
Progress Level 8: Energy Age
Automaser Mod-SMG-1B/A 20/60/120En/Od6w/d6+2w/d4m
Pistol, hvy maser Mod-pistol-1F 20/40/80En/Gd6+1w/2d4+1w/d4+1m
Pistol, maser Mod-pistol-2F 10/20/60En/Od6w/d6+2w/d4m
Rifle, hvy maser Mod-rifle-1F/B/A 40/200/500En/Gd8+1w/d12w/d6+1m
Rifle, maser Mod-rifle-2F/B/A 60/120/400En/Od6+2w/2d4+2w/d4+2m

Melee Weapons | Ranged Weapons | Heavy Weapons

Weapon SkillAccMd RangeTypeDamage (O/G/A)
Progress Level 4: Industrial Age
Flamethrower Hvy-direct0F 6/12/30En/Od6w/d6+3w/d8+3w
Grenade, frag. Athl-throw+1F Per STRHI/Gd4w/d4+2w/d6+2w
Machine gun, .30 Hvy-direct0A 60/200/600HI/Od6w/d6+3w/d6m
Rocket launcher Hvy-direct+1F 30/60/150HI/Gd6w/d4+3w/d4m
Progress Level 5: Information Age
Grenade launcher Hvy-indirect0F 50/200/350As loadAs load
Grenade, concus. Athl-throw+1F Per STRLI/Od6+2s/d4w/d4+1w
Grenade, incend. Athl-throw+1F Per STREn/Gd4w/d4+2w/d4+3w
Grenade, smoke Athl-throw+1F Per STRSpecialSpecial
Hvy machine gun Hvy-direct0A 100/400/1000HI/Gd6+1w/2d4+2w/d8m
SAM, handheld Hvy-indirect0F 1000/2000/4000HI/Gd4w/d6w/d6+4w
Progress Level 6: Fusion Age
Bantam launcher Hvy-indirect0F 100/800/4000As loadAs load
Bantam, antiair Hvy-indirect-2F As launcherHI/Gd4w/d4+2w/d4m
Bantam, antiper. Hvy-indirect0F As launcherEn/Od6w/d6+2w/d8+2w
Bantam, antiveh. Hvy-indirect-2F As launcherHI/Gd4+2w/d4+4w/d4+1m
Grenade, plasma Athl-throw+1F Per STREn/Gd4+2w/d6+2w/d4m
Grenade, stun Athl-throw+1F Per STREn/Od6s/d8s/d8+2s
Hvy mach gun, ch Hvy-direct-1A 200/600/1200HI/Gd8w/2d6w/2d4m
Rail gun Hvy-direct-1B/A 150/500/1500HI/Gd6w/d6+2w/d6m
Progress Level 7: Gravity Age
Arc gun Hvy-direct-1F 20/40/100En/Gd8+1s/d8w/d6+3w
Cannon, stutter Hvy-direct-1F 20/40/80LI/Od6+2s/d8+3s/2d6+3s
Cannon, 25mm sabot Hvy-direct0F 100/200/2000HI/Gd8w/d4+1m/d6+2m
Grenade, pulse Athl-throw+1F Per STREn/Gd4+2s/d6+2s/d8+2s
Grenade, tracer Athl-throw+1F Per STRHI/Gd4+2w/d6+2w/d4+2m
Plasma gun Hvy-direct0F 40/80/200En/Gd8w/d8+3w/d12+3w
Quantum mini Hvy-direct0F/B/A 100/250/800En/Gd8+1w/d8+3w/d6m
Progress Level 8: Energy Age
Bantam, starload Hvy-indirect-2F As launcherEn/Ad8+2w/d4+1m/d6+1m
Cannon, maser Hvy-direct-1F 80/200/600En/Gd8w/d4+1m/d6+2m
Grenade, mass Athl-throw+1F Per STREn/Gd6+2s/d6+2w/d6m
Mass launcher Hvy-indirect-1F 20/300/1000En/Gd6+1w/d6+3w/d4+1m

Armor SkillAPType LI / HI / EnHideMass AvailCost
Progress Level 0: Stone Age
Hide armor Armor Op+1O d6-3 / d4-3 / d6-4-10 Any100
Progress Level 1: Bronze/Iron Age
Leather armor -0O d6-2 / d6-4 / d6-4+27 Any350
Helm Armor Op+1O +1 / 0 / 0-4 Com200
Shield, small Armor Op+1O +1 / 0 / 0+14 Any75
Progress Level 2: Middle Ages
Chain mail Armor Op+1O d6-1 / d6-4 / d6-4+115 Com750
Plate, full combat+3O d6+1 / d6-3 / d6-3-25 Con2000
Plate, partial combat+2O d6 / d8-5 / d6-4+120 Com1000
Shield, medium combat+2O +2 / +1 / 0-7 Any300
Progress Level 3: Age of Reason
Leather coat -0O d6-3 / d4-3 / d4-2+35 Any500
Progress Level 4: Industrial Age
Flak jacket combat+2O d6-2 / d4-1 / d6-3-15 Con800
Progress Level 5: Information Age
Assault gear combat+3O d6-1 / d6-1 / d6-1-10 Con1500
Battle vest -0O d6-3 / d6-2 / d4-2+25 Con600
Riot helmet Armor Op+1O +1 / +1 / 0-2 Con300
Riot shield combat+2O +1 / +1 / +1-4 Con500
Progress Level 6: Fusion Age
Assault gear, hvy combat+2O d6-1 / d6 / d6-1-12 Mil2500
Attack armor combat+3O d4+1 / d6+1 / d6-1-15 Con3000
Attack armor, pow powered+2G d6+1 / d6+2 / d6-25 Mil8000
Battle jacket Armor Op+1O d6-1 / d4+1 / d4-1+18 Con1500
CF long coat -0O d4 / d4 / d6-2+34 Com1000
CF short coat -0O d4-1 / d4-1 / d6-3+33 Com750
Progress Level 7: Gravity Age
Body tank powered+4G 2d4+1 / 2d4+1 / 2d4-60 Res25000
Body tank, recon powered+3G 2d4 / 2d4 / d6+2-45 Mil30000
Body tank, zero-g powered+5G 3d4 / 3d4 / 2d4+1-80 Res50000
Cerametal armor combat+2O d6+1 / d8+1 / d6-10 Mil2000
CF softsuit -0O d6 / d6 / d6-1+43 Con2000
Deflection harness -0O see pages 190-1+32 Con2500
Progress Level 8: Energy Age
Ablative harness -0O see page 191+32 Mil5000
Body tank, over. powered+3G 2d6+1 / 2d6+1 / 2d6-40 Res70000
Displacer softsuit -0O see page 191+43 Res7500
Energy web -0O d6-1 / d6-1 / d6+2+32 Mil4000
Stealth softsuit -0O see page 191+42 Res10000

Personal Data

Age Height Weight
Social Status

Other Information

Other Game Data


Cybernetic Gear

Cost per Quality

MassSize OGA
Progress Level 6: Fusion Age
BattleKlaw* 12 300600900
BioArt** -- 50100200
BioWatch** -- 50100300
Body Plating:

Ordinary 202 1500--

Good 403 -3000-

Amazing 604 --4500
Cyberlimb* 102 100020003000
Cyberoptics* -1 50010002000
Fast chip* -2 100015002000
MusclePlus* 22 100020003000
Nanocomputer -1 200030004000
NIJack* -1 500--
Optic screen* -- 250--
Self-repair unit* 22 100020003000
Subdermal comm -1 -500-
Subdermal weapon mount:

Ordinary* 22 250--

Good* 23 -500-

Amazing* 24 --750
Progress Level 7: Gravity Age
CF skinweave** -1 100020003000
Data slot, passive** 11 500700900
ER slot* 11 50010001500
ER slot, passive** 11 50010001500
Exoskeleton* 303 200030004000
Neural 3D, ext.* 11 5007501000
Reflex* -2 -2000-
Subdermal NIJack* -1 -700-
Wireless NIJack* -1 -1000-
*Nanocomputer required to use this device.
**Can be installed at no cost in skill points.