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Welcome to HeroGen, the Web-based ALTERNITY character generator!

Quick Tour

The HeroGen window is divided into four frames:
  1. The upper frame is where the hero's data is input.
  2. The middle frame is the character sheet, updated each time data is input or changed in the upper frame.
  3. The lower-left frame is the navigation frame. Clicking on a link here will navigate to a location in the upper frame, bring up the Skills or Mutations window, bring up this file in a separate window, download HeroGen, download the cool ALTERNITY font, or open a window to mail me a message.
  4. The lower-right frame contains the number of skills points purchased and the total number of skill points available.

To save your character sheet to a file, click in the middle frame and select Save Frame As... from the File menu.

With the use of cookies, character sheets can be saved between browser sessions!

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Character Creation

HeroGen allows the input of the following items:
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Automatic Character Sheet Generation

Each time data in the upper frame is added or changed, the character sheet is automatically updated to reflect those changes!

Click on the View button near the top of the upper frame to bring up the character sheet in a new window for viewing, printing, saving, etc.

Display the character sheet in the cool ALTERNITY font by installing the fonts and checking the Cool Font check box just above the Abilities section.

The two font files are named alternity.TTF and Boos1.TTF.
They are included with the latest version of HeroGen.
To install them (Windows):

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With cookies enabled, data in HeroGen is able to be saved between browser sessions!

With cookies disabled, HeroGen will still work... your hero will simply die along with your browser session.

To enable cookies:

Four cookies are used to save the data in the character sheet:

The cookies are persistent for one year since the last time HeroGen was opened.

Simply opening HeroGen automatically refreshes its cookies, giving them another year of life.

The Tab character is used to delimit data in the cookies.
If you know of a way to insert a Tab character into an input field and do it, you will mess up the cookies.
You've been warned!
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Save up to Four Characters!

HeroGen allows the user to save up to four characters: To save a character, click on the Save button (just below the File button)

After a hero is saved, click on the File button to view the saved heroes.

To create a new hero, click on the New button.
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HeroGen allows each of the six ability scores to be assigned:

When a new species or profession is selected, the ranges of the abilities are recomputed, based on the minimum and maximum ranges of the species and profession currently selected.

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HeroGen allows the selection of all of the standard skills, broad and specialty.

(The optional psionic skills are not yet implemented.)

Each hero starts out with the free broad skills defined by his species.

Checking a broad skill's check box enables its specialty skills. Up to 12 specialty skill ranks may be selected.

Unchecking a broad skill's check box wipes out all information for its associated specialty skills.

When a new species is selected, all broad and specialty skills are wiped out and replaced with that species' free broad skills.

Where applicable, a short description will appear to the right of the skills. If the description's font is bold, the skill's impact has already been reflected in the character sheet.

When the selection of skills is complete, the skills window should be closed.

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Original, Upgraded, or Mikey Skill Rules

HeroGen allows the user to select one of three skill rules.

Starting Skill Points Table P5 of the Player's Handbook 30 plus 3 times intelligence 30 plus 3 times intelligence
Starting Broad Skills Table P5 of the Player's Handbook Six, modified by the Intelligence-based resistance modifier Six, modified by the Intelligence-based resistance modifier
Specialty Skill Cost Original purchase price plus current rank Original purchase price Original purchase price plus current rank

Select the desired skill rule by selecting the appropriate radio button at the top of the upper frame.

The character sheet will be updated to reflect the rules chosen.

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Profession: Special Benefits

HeroGen allows the user to select a special benefit for the following professions:

When the appropriate profession is selected in the upper frame, choose the special benefit for that profession; the character sheet will be updated to reflect the special benefit chosen.

The list boxes for the other professions will be automatically disabled.

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Perks & Flaws

HeroGen allows the selection of all of the standard perks and flaws.

The perks and flaws selected will show up in the Game Data section of the character sheet.

Each perk and flaw selected affects the total skill points scored.

Each hero is limited to three perks and three flaws.

The following perks and flaws cannot be selected at the same time:

Filthy RichDirt Poor
Good LuckBad Luck
Great LooksPoor Looks

For example, if the Filthy Rich perk is purchased, then the Dirt Poor flaw cannot also be purchased.

Perks in italics may only be purchased when the hero is created:

Perks not in italics may either be assigned by the gamemaster or purchased by the player as an Achievement Benefit.

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Weapons & Armor

HeroGen allows the selection of all of the standard weapons and armor.

Each hero is permanently given the Unarmed melee weapon.
(Unless the hero has no arms... wait a minute... he'd still be unarmed! :-)

T'sa heroes automatically receive natural body armor.

Checking the Weapon Accuracy check box causes a weapon's base situation die to be adjusted by its accuracy.

In addition to the standard Weapon Data table, the character sheet also has an Armor Data table.

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Cybernetic Gear

HeroGen allows the selection of all of the standard cybernetic gear.

Gear marked with a single asterisk requires a Nanocomputer.

Gear marked with two asterisks can be installed at no cost in skill points.

Mechalus heroes are initially given a Good-quality Nanocomputer, a Passive Data Slot, and Reflex.
(This gear does not use up the Mechalus hero's Cyber Tolerance boxes.)

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HeroGen allows the selection of mutant abilities.

In order to select mutant abilities, the hero's species must be set to Mutant.

When the selection of mutant abilities is complete, the mutant window should be closed.

For more information on mutants, check out the Player's Handbook.

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HeroGen processes achievements the following ways:

Achievement Points
Clicking on the Achievement Points button brings up a dialog box with three sections:
  1. The upper section displays the total number of achievements points earned by the hero, as well the number of points needed for the next level.
  2. The middle section contains a text field where the player inputs the number of achievement points the hero earned in the last adventure. Entering a positive number in the text field and clicking on the Apply button will add the points to the hero's total and update the dialog box.
  3. The lower section contains the Reset Achievement Points button. Clicking on this button will set the hero's achievement points to zero, as well as clearing any Last Resorts and Achievement Benefits purchased.

Last Resorts
Clicking on the Last Resorts button brings up a dialog box where the player can input the number of last resorts used in the last adventure and/or the number of last resorts the player wishes to purchase.

Achievement Benefits
Clicking on the Achievement Benefits button brings up a dialog box where the player can purchase any achievement benefits allowed at the hero's current level.

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Custom Weapons, Armor, & Cybernetic Gear

HeroGen allows the input and saving of custom weapons, armor, and cybernetic gear through cookies.

To open the Custom dialog box, click on the Weapons, Armor, or Cyber Gear link in the lower-left frame, then on the Custom button.

The dialog box contains fields for entering data and a row of buttons. To create a new custom item, click on the Insert button.

Changes are applied as soon as the value in a field changes and the field loses focus. To cancel the changes to the record since it was navigated to, click on the Revert button.

To delete a custom item, click on the Delete button.

Always click on the Close button to ensure the changes are reflected on the character sheet.

The status bar will indicate which custom item is being edited.

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Change History

January 24, 2003

September 21, 2000

August 25, 2000

July 30, 1999

June 23, 1999

April 26, 1999

April 15, 1999

April 13, 1999

April 9, 1999

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